Hetty Thomae Scholarship

Each year NCCT awards two $500 scholarships to graduating teens, the Hetty Thomae Youth Scholarship for teens planning to major in theatrical arts or music, and the Ellen Wilber Scholarship for teens planning to major in music, music education, or a music-related field.

The Hetty Thomae Youth Scholarship

This scholarship was established to recognize the tremendous energy, commitment, and talent of Upper Valley youth. It is awarded to a graduating high school senior pursuing her/is studies in theatrical arts and/or music. The scholarship is named in honor of Hetty Thomae whose vision, energy, patience, and perseverance insured the success of many NCCT Youth productions.

The purpose of the scholarship is to recognize the talent and potential of Upper Valley youth, specifically in the area of theatrical arts. The $500 scholarship is awarded each year to a graduating senior to help her/im financially with her/is education. The award is not based on need, but on the following criteria:

Criteria and instructions:

1. Applications must be received by April 1 for the award in June of that year.

2. The applicant must:

a) be a graduating high school senior.

b) be a current member of NCCT.

c) have been involved in at least one NCCT production (Teen or Adult).

d) agree to write an article for the NCCT Newsletter on how the award was used.

3. The applicant should:

a) provide two recommendations, at least one from a teacher. Recommendations from NCCT Board members will not be accepted.

b) provide a list of all the shows s/he has been involved with from 6th grade to the present and in what capacity.

c) respond to questions i) through iv) below in a typed essay not exceeding one page.

i) How has theater helped you to grow as a person?

ii) Is there an aspect of theater with which you would like to experiment?

iii) What are your goals for continuing theater involvement?

iv) How will you use this scholarship to help you achieve these goals?

d) send a letter of application and items 3.a., 3.b., and 3.c. to:

Hetty Thomae Scholarship


PO Box 462
Lebanon NH 03766
Email info@ncct.org with “Hetty Thomae Scholarship” as the subject

Finalists may be called for an interview.


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