Mark your calendar for Seussical Auditions!
Open to high school students
January 4, 2014
Lebanon Opera House

  • Registration 9:00am
  • Audition Workshop 9:45am – 10:45am
  • Auditions begin 11:00am

Membership in NCCT is a requirement of being in the show and to take the audition workshop.  If this is a hardship for you please speak with an NCCT board member.  Teens should expect to pay for their membership at the audition (those not cast, if any, will be refunded). Teen membership is $15. If your family has a current Family Membership, you are already a member. We will be able to look up that information for you at registration.

If you are interested in being cast as a particular character the director encourages you to sing the song from the show associated with that character which is listed below. However, you are free to audition with any song without negative impact on your chances to be cast in the part you desire!  It’s up to you!


All characters begin as Schoolyard Kids. They are archetypical middle-schoolers. They become animals through imagination rather than prosthetics.

CAT IN THE HAT – Extremely hip. Impish, mischievous, a tongue-in-cheek quality, a sense of irony and mockery and anarchy, but also the capacity for warmth and compassion. The Cat is a force of good, of humor, of wit, adventure and magic. Must be great with creating a variety of characters and accents. Extremely good physical comic and dancer.

HORTON THE ELEPHANT – Stocky Boyish Male.  Bari-tenor. Simple, sincere, somewhat out of place in a hip, cynical world. He’s sincere, earnest and true to himself.

GERTRUDE – Soprano with a mix-belt.  She is insecure, shy and a little bit awkward. She feels she isn’t good enough, pretty enough, talented enough. She’s in love with Horton. Requires great physical-comic skills.

MAYZIE – Strong Mix/belt. A Teen-Pop Princess. Mayzie is selfish and self-centered, and charming.. Bosses the Bird Girls around. Knows how to use her femininity to get what she wants.

SOUR KANGAROO – A tween know-it-all with a heart of gold buried somewhere deep beneath layers of sarcasm and teasing.

WICKERSHAM BROTHERS – Tenors/ Bari-tenors.  They are high school bullies who get pleasure out of teasing and tricks, but who would never do anything truly bad. They are gleefully mischievous. One of the brothers will also play Mr. Mayor.

BIRD GIRLS – Sopranos with a mix/belt.  Gal pals who love looking pretty, strutting your stuff, hanging out with that cool Mayzie. One of the girls will also play Mrs. Mayor.

JOJO – Tenor. A boy with an unbridled imagination that enables him to solve problems, find his way, and ultimately save the world. Honest. A little bit mischievous. A dreamer.


CAT IN THE HAT – “How Lucky You Are” ( sheet music)

HORTON THE ELEPHANT – “Alone in the Universe” Part 1 & Part 2 to measure 45 ( sheet music)

GERTRUDE – “Amayzing Gertrude” (Part 2) 

MAYSIE – “Amayzing Maysie” (Measure 15 – 70) ( sheet music)

SOUR KANGAROO – “Biggest Blame Fool” (Part 1 & Part 2 to measure 21) ( sheet music)

WICKERSHAM BROTHERS — “Biggest Blame Fool” (Part 2 measure 37-56) ( sheet music)

BIRD GIRLS – “Amayzing Gertrude” (Part 2 sing Gertrude to measure 17 and then switch to Bird Girls until the end)

JOJO – “It’s Possible” ( sheet music)

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