Board of Directors

2013-2014 Board of Directors

President: Amy Fortier, Lebanon NH (1-year term: 2013-2014)
Jim Bonner, Enfield Center NH (2-year term, 2012-2014)
Da-Shih Hu, Hanover NH (2-year term: 2013-2015)
Gerry Grimo, Windsor VT (3-year term, 2012-2015)

Joe Guarino, Wilder VT (1-year term: 2013-2014)
Margaret Hunton, Lebanon NH (2-year term: 2013-2015)
Tina Kimball, Lebanon NH (2-year term: 2013-2014)
Bill Sawyer, Lyme NH (3-year term: 2011-2014)
Kaitlyn Sheehan, Hanover NH (1-year term: 2013-2014)
Ally Weiner-Sawyer, Lyme NH (2-year term, 2012-2014)

Members Emeriti
Peter Armstrong, Hanover NH
Edna Pierce, West Lebanon NH

Teen Board Representatives
Tim Hansen  (1-year term: 2013-2014)
Aurora McLellan (1-year term: 2013-2014)

2013-2014 Teen Governance Group
Tim Hansen (Co-President)
Aurora McLellan (Co-President)
Jaclyn Pageau  – Treasurer
Holly Alexander  – Secretary
Garrett Inman
Natalie Mitchell
Emily Newton
Owen O’Leary
Ross Patten
Sarah Poirier
Megan Spinella
Matt Stebenne
Teen Governance Group Adult Advisors
Beth DiFrancisco
Jean Alexander
Amye Mason
Amy Fortier
Margaret Hunton
The NCCT Board meets on the second Monday of the month from 6:30 – 8:30pm at NCCT’s space in the Whippleplace Building in Lebanon.
Past Board Members

One thought on “Board of Directors

  1. I was THRILLED to here that Amy is now at the helm– you couldn’t have a better leader step up to the plate! I miss you all and now work with a semi equity theater company in Duluth Minnesota. Best of luck with RENT!
    Dianne Pellegrini

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