Thank you: A Letter from NCCT’s President

In this season of Thanksgiving I wanted to stop and say a few words about why I am thankful for NCCT.

I had never heard of NCCT when I moved to the Upper Valley in 2000. I discovered it in 2008 right before auditions for the 35th Anniversary show. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my cousin, Jon Korpela, had been in NCCT’s very first production, The Music Man, in 1973. That unexpected family connection makes this organization even more important to me and I am very aware of the responsibility I have taken on as President.

Since dipping my toes in the NCCT water during the 35th Anniversary show, I have now jumped in with both feet. I learned to tap dance for 42nd Street, been nominated for NH Theater Awards as Pitti-Sing in The Mikado and as Nancy in Oliver!, cleaned up (and moved) the costume shop and produced the benefit show after Hurricane Irene, eaten meat pies in Sweeney Todd, become a Teen Advisor for our incredible Teen Program, and played a nun in The Sound of Music.

Every single one of the activities I have been involved with in NCCT have happened because of hundreds of volunteers putting in thousands of thankless hours to make magic happen. And it IS magic.

  • When you walk into the Lebanon Opera House and onto the stage for the first time, it is magic.
  • When you’ve been at the first chaotic run through of a show and then see the production actually come together, it is magic.
  • When you see a loved one come out of their shell to sing and dance in a way you never thought possible, it is magic.
  • When you experience a standing ovation, whether on-stage, behind the scenes, or in the audience, that, my friends, is magic.

It is also an incredible amount of work.

And because of that I am thankful for you. If you are reading this, you have most likely had something to do with our 40 years of success. You are what make NCCT happen. You have put in long hours rehearsing, building, sewing, organizing, chauffeuring, directing, chaperoning, painting, applying make-up, doing hair, catering, producing, ushering, and offering your financial and moral support. Along the way you may have torn your hair out, cried, hollered in frustration, had a nervous breakdown, and wondered why in the world you got yourself into this situation. But then you realize just how many of your friends are NCCT friends, how many of your favorite pictures are of characters you or your family members played, and how many amazing memories you have because of your participation with NCCT. Despite the hard work, it is worth it. And that is magic too.

I am thankful that I get the opportunity to help steward this organization into the next 40 years. And that I get to work with you in order to do it. To help us assure that we can continue as an organization, please consider making a donation to our NH Charitable Foundation Challenge Grant to help us continue to be a place where magic, through hard work, happens.

Thank you,
Amy Fortier
NCCT President


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