Opportunity for Actors!

Call for Actors

The band Okkervil River will be making a short film/music video project in the Upper Valley. The project will be filmed in three distinct shoots, one in the summer (August 7-11), one in the fall, and one in the winter. It’s a fictional film that takes place in the Upper Valley in the mid-1980s. There is no dialogue, and acting experience is appreciated but not at all required. Many of the parts are small or parts as “extras.”

If you are interested, please contact: colleengoodhue@gmail.com

KID TWO – a scrappy but thoughtful young boy, ideally in the 9-11 year old range. acting experience a plus.

DAD #1 – a larger role. Age 35-50. should seem kind, capable, sensitive, and compassionate.

MOM #2 – a larger role. This person should have the ability to look both frumpy and unhappy or cute and cheery, depending on the scene.

MAIN BULLY – a slightly bigger and tougher and more menacing looking kid. In the 9-13 year old range.

KID ONE’S LITTLE BROTHER – Age 5-7. A little kid who can seem nerdy.

OTHER BULLY ONE – a menacing or popular-seeming kid. age 9-12.

OTHER BULLY TWO – a menacing or popular-seeming kid. age 9-12.

POPULAR GIRL ONE – an assured and popular-seeming girl, age 9-12.

SEVENTH GRADE TEACHER – a woman, any age, to play a small role as a teacher.

KID ONE’S MOM – I might have this role cast. Not sure.

KID TWO’S DAD – a haunted man with a sad aura. Late 30s to late 40s.

MAIN BULLY’S PARENT – ideally a woman. 27-50 age range. a very small part. this person should have a “tough” aura.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL EXTRAS – we need 8 to 10 boys and girls aged 9-11. Not a lot of acting required. Extras.

TEENAGE EXTRAS – we need 8 to 12 teenagers. 13 to 19 years old. Not a lot of acting required. It’s a plus if they have some clothes items they could bring that would fit a “1980s” look.


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