Sweeney Todd has been cast!

Congratulations to the cast of Sweeney Todd. It’s going to be a great show!

  • Alliegh Whiteside – Johanna
  • Ben Buster – Anthony
  • Bill Sawyer – Pirelli
  • Da-Shih Hu – Sweeney Todd
  • Garrett Inman – Tobias
  • Jamie King – Judge Turpin
  • Jason Archambeault – The Beadle
  • Lori Mather – Mrs. Lovett
  • Rigel Harris – Lucy

Ensemble: Amy Fortier, Amy McMullin, Alison Coombs, Abbie Boisvert, Camila Pentland, Claire Saunders, Emma Brooks, Emma Glazer, Emily McMullen, Ian Coleman, Jaclyn Pageau, Jennie Meglathery, John Crossley, Karen Smith, Matthew Grimo, Melissa Noonan, Megan O’Gara, Moira Tracy, Mora Cantlin, Natalie Mitchell, Rayna Solbeck, Rebecca Bailey, Samuel Clifton, Sandra Williams, Sarah Lappin, Stephanie Kvam, Thomas Slater, Tom Chase


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